Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Year, New YOU

2014 is just days away. It seems like the perfect time to suggest health fitness and beauty tips.  We are not only getting older, we are getting better and smarter. I don't know anyone over 40 who wants to be 20 again. Yet while we embrace our confidence and experience, we are concerned about looking and feeling our best. So for those of you not ready to go under the knife, I've compiled, what I hope are, some helpful and practical tips.


GapFit gFast cotton foldover caprisWeight training is just as important as cardio as we get older. We lose muscle mass with age, which in turn causes a loss in strength. A regular routine that combines  a mix of cardio and weight/resistance training will maintain strength, posture and help you sleep better. Using your own body as resistance counts, too. Pilates, yoga, barre classes and TRX are all effective options besides weightlifting.

Exercising more or longer doesn't necessarily help you lose more weight. It's the intensity more than the duration that has the most impact  Adding intervals to your routine boosts your metabolism. Think walk  2 minutes (or one song) jog/run 2 minutes, or one song....

Do something you enjoy not something you think you have to do. You'll stick with it and not resent it. Mix it up. Do a work out with a friend. It's healthier to catch up with someone on a long walk than over lunch. Finding an activity you enjoy regularly beats giving up your nightly glass of wine :)    

Shopping tip- check out Gapfit workout wear for a great fitting, well- priced alternative to Lululemon
GapFit gFast printed leggingsGapFit Elements stripe hoodie


Skincare is a concern as we age and selecting the right routine to fight aging is essential.

Top priorities are:

  • Softening lines and wrinkles - Diligent suncare is a must because older cells are more vulnerable to UV rays. Load on moisturizers using creams and washes with glycerin and ceramides. A vitamin A based retinol product speeds cell turn-over at night.
  • Minimizing sagging, boosting volume & moisturizing - Products with peptides increase collagen and repair skin. Hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient for plumping and hydrating. Cleansing oils help give back the moisture/oils older skin is no longer producing and adding serums to PM routines is an anti-aging  benefit.
And don't neglect your neck and decollette! Use your creams and moisturizers. The neck is often the first place to show aging, even when you have used sun protection. Neck exercises do work. Try repeating the 5 vowels in an exaggerated manner opening your mouth wide and stretching your neck in front of a mirror.  Also lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth and repeatedly jut your neck forward. Not so pretty but effective.

Beauty buy tip- Dermatologists and beauty editors alike are touting Cerave products - cleansers, moisturizers and body lotions-loaded with ceramides and hyaluronic acid that rival well- known cosmetic lines' products.  Also embraced by the specialists, Olay Professional Pro-X deep wrinkle treatment with retinol. It has it all going on - vitamin B3, peptides and vitamin A (retinol).  Both are available at CVS or Walgreens!  With a mineral sunscreen and a formula spiked with antioxidants, like vitamin C, alpha lipoic and astaxanthin, Perricone MD Photo Plasma with SPF 30 is getting  rave reviews. It makes skin radiant and younger looking while nourishing.
CeraVe AM Lotion      Photo Plasma


You don't have to sacrifice fashion and sexy styles for comfort when it comes to shapewear and underwear thanks to Jockey's new lingerie line. You will feel comfortable and confident in Jockey's lacy, smooth and glamorous styles. Their boyshorts look like hanky pankys and "skimmies" or slipshorts are like spanx but in fun colors. Stylist Rachel Zoe counts Jockey's latest additions among her "must haves."  Check out Jockey for chic and stylish undergarments.

Enhance your personal style for the new year  with a 2 hour closet edit, 3 hours of personal shopping and a 2 hour wardrobe styling session for a new you in the New Year. Regularly $525 now $425 if you schedule by January 30, 2014 (but don't have to actually make the app't that month). I can save you time, money and anxiety when it comes to your wardrobe.

Mark your calendars for January 21-February 4 for Etcetera's Spring Collection Show- invitations coming soon

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and stylish New Year!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finding Your Style and Looking Your Best

Looking Stylish is as much about knowing what not to wear, as it is about what flatters you.

Looking stylish is not necessarily about following fashion, losing weight, being wealthy or having surgery. It's about dressing to show off your assets and hiding your figure flaws ( love that aliteration!). It's picking and choosing the latest fashion trends in a way that lets you look your best- adapting the trends to your individual shape and style.

 Dressing your best does involve a bit more than knowing what you like. Fit, fabric and proportion are key to creating your best looks. A good fit means skimming the body without clinging. Clothes that are too tight or too big can both look sloppy and add pounds. There's nothing like good alterations for ensuring a perfect, complimentary fit. Fabrics with weight and movement are the most flattering, like wool crepe, microfibers, cotton, silk and some synthetics. A bit of spandex is good,too. Contrasting textures also add visual interest to an outfit. Proportion is important in selecting the garments that flatter your figure. One of the easiest ways to use proportion to slenderize is to choose "long over short" or "short over long" looks - a cropped jacket over long trousers or knee length skirt or a mini skirt with a hip length top. A fuller top and slim pants or leggings and a fitted jacket with fuller cut trousers also creates a slimming look.

The way we look can influence so much in our lives. Not only are first impressions important with so many people- studies show people really initially DO judge the book by it's cover- but knowing you look good, makes you feel good. It's a mind- body connection :) When we are confident with the way we look, we are more confident in our daily activities, whether work or play. Nailing down a personal style isn't always easy. Your style might be more traditionally classic for work but casual or romantic for weekends. It's ok to mix it up, but you should feel comfortable with your choices and the way they make you feel. Your favorite pieces will give you the clues of what style best defines you.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Shop Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Shop the many manufacturers and designers this month who donate a portion of the sales of special merchandise to breast cancer research, treatment and mammograms for needy women. 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer. All of us know someone who currently has or has had it. Fortunately, great strides have been made to combat the disease and more women become survivors with each diagnosis.

I've collected a few ideas to inspire you to shop for the cause from different sites. October is almost over, but you can still support research efforts with a purchase that will make you feel good and do some good, as well.

Tory Burch Mini Umbrella
Saks Key to the Cure T-shirt

Pictured Above:
Cozy, flannel PJ bottoms. $25 benefit Susan G Komen for the Cure 877-39 KOMEN (877-395-6636)

Cuisinart DLC-Mini Prep Plus Reg.$49.99 now $39.99
When looking for ways to support the cause, shop Macy's for pink products from a variety of designers and brands. Throughout October, Macy’s will host a dedicated space in 350 stores across the country and online at

Tory Burch  is donating 20% of the sales from this cute umbrella to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. $48
Exclusive t-shirt designed by Emilio Pucci.100% of the proceeds go to Saks Fifth Avenue's Key to the Cure campaign fighting womens' cancers $35

Lace up these Asic GT1000-2PR for a BCA walk. Sales benefit Christina Applegate's Right Action for Women Foundation.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Topping Off the Trends

As our weather shifts slightly toward Fall (a drop in the humidity from 80% to 60% is huge to us Floridians), I want to finish off the Fall Trends that should entice you. We've hit coated jeans, cobalt blue, lots of green and berry hues, animal prints and fancy sweatshirts. You will also see Rocker Chic or Punk Luxe (I didn't make up these names). Take from the trend what works best with your own style. It can be as major as studded jackets or tops and leather pants or as simple as accessorizing with a new studded pump, ballet flat or boot. There are quite a few handbags out with studs, as well to accommodate this trend.

                     HOW TO WEAR LEATHER       Elizabeth and James Lena Quilted Faux-Leather Jacket (Stylist Pick!)  Valentino The Rockstud mini leather trapeze bag 
                   REBEL and SLEEK |

If you don't have a Leather Jacket, especially a "Moto" styled one, this is the year to invest in one. There are lots of combos combining knits with leather. Black would be a great, classic choice, but adding a leather in a color could be a fun addition to your wardrobe. Besides jackets, leather is everywhere this season- skirts, dresses, t-shirts, vests and jeans. If your leanings are toward PETA ( People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) there are loads of faux and vegan choices. Many designers are doing non-leather leather looks. I suggest Free People, Macy's, Nordstrom's and Cusp ( upstairs in the Tampa Neiman's) as places to look.

Vegan Seamed Skinny  in  Blank Vegan Leather Pencil Skirt                                        Antoine Jacket
Borrowed from the Boys, featuring menswear patterns is another trend for Fall. Houndstooth, glen plaids and hunter plaids used in somewhat unconventional ways. The menswear look includes foulard and jacquard patterns in pants and an oxford style shoe that is cute with skinny pants and fuller cut trousers. Loafers are a great way to accessorize this trend also.

Statement and Oversized CoatsEvery Fall, I miss the change of seasons and crave a new fun coat that I would be shopping for if I still lived up North. Then winter comes to New York and Chicago and I am glad I reside in sunny Tampa.  For those of you who travel and are investing in new outerwear, the looks are distinctive and/or over-sized. Color blocking is apparent here, as well. Lots of new choices.

McQ Alexander McQueen Two-tone wool-blend coatMissoni Crochet-knit wool-blend coat 
Miu Miu Dropped-waist gabardine coatBelstaff Gateshead leather-trimmed flax-blend trench coat

Also on your radar for Fall should be Black Lace for cocktail attire, Mixed Metals in jewelry, Pointed toe shoes are back, Pops of Bright Red- almost as a "new neutral", Over-the Knee boots and a bit more structured bags. You don't have to run out and grab one of everything. Look around- online and in the stores- and purchase what feels most like you. Or a new, refreshed you. Getting out of your box is good,but not so much that you are uncomfortable. Some trends are just that -trends. Others can endure ( look at animal prints!). Pick up a few new things you love. Experiment with accessories. There surely is something for everyone out there. And don't forget to purge (some things you haven't been wearing) a little to make room for the new.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tips to the Trends

We all lead busier lives than ever, juggling responsibilities daily. Few people have time to peruse the Mall to check out the latest fashions. We rely on magazines, catalogs  TV and now the internet and online sources. But even browsing online takes time. I thought I'd share some sources to give you more ideas on adapting the Fall Trends to your own lifestyle. Fashion and designer websites, as well as retailers are great places to get ideas on new styles and how to make them work. The links below are some I turn to for fashion inspiration of the new trends that I highlighted last time.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Fashion Trends

It's Fashion Week in NY - 

With designers starting to showing their Spring 2014 collections, those of us in the real world are just barely embracing Fall 2013! So time to get a handle on the Fall trends and what works for you and me, and even though we don't attend the Met Galas or walk the Red Carpet, we do like to look our best.

As I researched this Fall's fashion trends, I found both similarities and differences in Vogue's, Rachel Zoe's, InStyle, and Neiman's must haves for the season. Let's start with the most popular and what will work for most of us

Green is definitely the hot new color this Fall- bottle green, forest green and emerald green. It is out there in jeans, sweaters, dresses, leathers and if you are shy- try a bag or shoes to incorporate into your wardrobe.  Right behind GREEN are the BERRIES and Cobalt BLUE. Did you hang onto any eggplant or cranberry pieces from a few years ago? Pull them out! They'll pair well with black and denim and your neutrals.
Equipment Signature Blue Washed Silk Shirt Profile Photo
Two trends persist from past seasons and are very visible this Fall- ANIMAL PRINTS and COLOR BLOCKING.  Good  news for most of us who picked up pieces in these styles last year. Personally, I am getting a little tired of the animal print thing (send them to the zoo) but you can make it fresh by trying leopard prints in blues, purples and pinks besides the usual browns. Use these prints to accessorize in shoes, belts, scarves and bags. Color blocking pops up in coats and jackets now, in addition to the dresses, tops and pants we've seen it in before. And it can be very slenderizing when done on the sides of a garment- so embrace it!

Cole Haan 'Chelsea' PumpPink Tartan Colorblocked Panel Crewneck Tee

Here's a new trend you can have fun with- fancy sweatshirts! "Luxe" sweatshirts are a great new look with jeans. These new " Statement Sweatshirts" are not of the heather grey variety, but new fabrications, like jersey, satin, faux fur sporting designer icons and embellishments. Check out selections everywhere from Target to JCrew to Neiman. A little more structured fit but with an athletic vibe.
Still to come- Moto jackets, everything leather, over-the knee boots, statement outerwear, menswear patterns and more.

Fashion News Flash: Neiman Marcus Is Sold for $6 Billion

The owners of the Neiman Marcus luxury retail chain agreed on Monday to sell it to a group led by Ares Management and a Canadian pension plan in a deal worth $6 billion.

Neiman Marcus operates 79 stores across the country.
                               Rick Wilking/Reuters
The owners, a group of private equity investors led by TPG and Warburg Pincus, had been searching for a buyer for Neiman ahead of a planned initial public offering later in the year. If they had not found a buyer willing to pay the desired $6 billion, they were prepared to go ahead with the public offering, people briefed on the deal said.

The deal is the latest transaction in the luxury department store sector. Earlier this year, Hudson Bay, the largest Canadian department store, paid $2.4 billion for Saks, a competitor to Neiman.

For the full story:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Denim for Fall

If ever there was a fall that had something for everyone, this year is it! From "moto" jackets to romantic dresses, there is something you need and something you'll covet.

Let's start with Denim, because we all wear it and  whatever the variation, it will always endure the fashion seasons. Jeans mixed with chambray showed up this summer and persists into the Fall. Yes, you can wear a work shirt, as we called them back in the day, with blue jeans. And you can put your jean jacket over a different color denim jean. Striped T's look really  cute with your denim combos, as well as black or white boatneck tops with patterned scarves bunched at your neck. You are going to see a lot of denim dresses (check out the Gap) and denim pencil skirts. Pair them with cute ankle booties.

AG Adriano Goldschmied Angelina Low Rise Bootcut Jean

Jag Jeans 'Maddock' Denim Skirt (Petite)

Last Fall we saw patterned jeans, which are still around (will animal print never die?!) and this year the hot jean is coated. It's a new surface treatment that creates a techno veneer, almost like Teflon on the denim-kind of a shiny, leather-like look, without sacrificing the comfort of jeans. JBrand, Citizens of Humanity, Paige, Hudson, AG, and even the GAP and Not Your Daughter's Jeans all are showing them. I picked up a pair of black coated jeans at Nordstrom's anniversary sale that are super comfortable.  I have found that a combination of cotton, poly and spandex feel great on and don't stretch out as much when you wear them (compared to just cotton and spandex). 

James Jeans High Class Coated Skinny JeanBrochu Walker Silk Striped Boatneck Blouse

Pair your coated jeans with a fun, simple top in a new color like deep green or eggplant (back again!) if you have the figure for it,or a flattering boxy knit top or sweater that provides balance to the slim bottoms and is more forgiving for some older figures :)

The biggest news in jeans may be Levi's Revel collection that promises to lengthen your legs, trim your thighs, flatten your tummy and shape your butt while looking cool and felling comfortable. Sounds too good to be true, right? The initial reports from WWD, Daily Candy, FashionNotes,and ABC News are all positive and excited. 

Levi’s Revel collection is unlike any denim up 'til now. The new line of jeans was created with liquid shaping technology, rather than using reinforced panels (like Spanx). This technology  uses a four-way stretch fabric comprised of cotton, polyester, Lycra and Dupont’s Sorona Fiber. “This formula provides structure, support and a figure-hugging shape to the jean.” They come in skinny and straight leg and a variety of washes . These jeans just hit the market last week at Levi Stores. Unfortunately the Levi store closed at International Plaza or we could all have run out today to try them. I will be watching for the Levi's Revel at Macy's and let you know.

levis revel

I am also hearing great things about JBrand's new Photo Ready denim collection, that also promises to make our legs look long and lean. The fabric is a combination of cotton, poly and Lycra with a true denim look while still providing maximum stretch and being really comfortable. And they don't sag out after one wear! The Photo Ready jean comes in skinny styles and medium and dark washes. Check them out at, Nordstrom and Neiman's.
Get your new jeans and GETSTYLYNNE!
More coming on soon on Fall's Hot New Trends and every girl's must haves...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Get Ready for Fall

It's hard to believe summer is almost over, fashion-wise. Though we still have 90 degree weather and high humidity to match, the fall fashions are in the stores (and at our trunk shows). In Florida, we start by switching from shorts to capris or crops and going from tanks and sleeveless to adding back a short sleeve :) Change out your pastels for darker jewel tones and you're on the right path. White jeans have become a fashion staple and no longer have to be retired at Labor Day, just mix them up a bit adding a chambray or denim shirt, a darker hued cardigan or tunic top.

Before you rush out to buy your new Fall wardrobe, consider this - getting dressed is a much more enjoyable process when you have a neat, organized closet to select from everyday. A defined closet equals less stress. Yes, cleaning out your closet is an elaborate, time-consuming process, but will be major, time-saving happy results. It's a great way to start the new season and make room for your new clothes. I am available to come help you "edit" your wardrobe and give you the "tough love" you may need to part with some things. Or for those of you who like to DIY, I have some tips:
  • Don't try to tackle the entire closet at once. Do shoes one day, purses another, working your way through tops, bottoms, dresses. That way you won't find yourself at dinnertime with a huge mess all over your bedroom and a bed you can't unmake to go to sleep in because it's covered with "maybes".
  • Sort as you go through things into keepers, possible consignments, and unfortunately just trash.
  • Donations go in a box or bags - The Spring or LifePath Hospice are 2 great places 
  • Clothes to consign should be hung on hangers and be unwrinkled and without stains or tears. Most places in South Tampa only take current styles and clothes in season. Many like designer names, as well. You may have to be prepared to donate more, or store for the right season or just keep for a Halloween costume.
  • Keepers should be divided by season. Ideally you have another closet (a grown child's room, office, etc.) to keep out of season clothes. Current season should be categorized and colorized - sleeveless to jackets and white to black.
  • Wire hangers are for the cleaners, not your clothes at home. They are messy and make indentations.I LOVE the "huggable" thin hangers-great for your clothes and actually really allow you to fit more in your closet! You can get them at Costco, BB&B and Target.  
This should get you started to thinking about Fall and what you want to accomplish. 
You may have noticed I'm writing in green and purple-the two hot colors (and their variations) for the season.  More tips for Fall and Fashion and Fun coming soon. I'd love to hear what you think, leave a comment below!