Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finding Your Style and Looking Your Best

Looking Stylish is as much about knowing what not to wear, as it is about what flatters you.

Looking stylish is not necessarily about following fashion, losing weight, being wealthy or having surgery. It's about dressing to show off your assets and hiding your figure flaws ( love that aliteration!). It's picking and choosing the latest fashion trends in a way that lets you look your best- adapting the trends to your individual shape and style.

 Dressing your best does involve a bit more than knowing what you like. Fit, fabric and proportion are key to creating your best looks. A good fit means skimming the body without clinging. Clothes that are too tight or too big can both look sloppy and add pounds. There's nothing like good alterations for ensuring a perfect, complimentary fit. Fabrics with weight and movement are the most flattering, like wool crepe, microfibers, cotton, silk and some synthetics. A bit of spandex is good,too. Contrasting textures also add visual interest to an outfit. Proportion is important in selecting the garments that flatter your figure. One of the easiest ways to use proportion to slenderize is to choose "long over short" or "short over long" looks - a cropped jacket over long trousers or knee length skirt or a mini skirt with a hip length top. A fuller top and slim pants or leggings and a fitted jacket with fuller cut trousers also creates a slimming look.

The way we look can influence so much in our lives. Not only are first impressions important with so many people- studies show people really initially DO judge the book by it's cover- but knowing you look good, makes you feel good. It's a mind- body connection :) When we are confident with the way we look, we are more confident in our daily activities, whether work or play. Nailing down a personal style isn't always easy. Your style might be more traditionally classic for work but casual or romantic for weekends. It's ok to mix it up, but you should feel comfortable with your choices and the way they make you feel. Your favorite pieces will give you the clues of what style best defines you.


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