Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It May Not Feel Like It Now...

But Fall is Coming!

With Temperatures still in the 90's and the humidity hanging
 in there ( at least in Florida :), it's challenging to start thinking
 about Fall. However the clothes are in the stores and online
 beckoning you. If you are like me, it's hard not to get 
excited for a new season of clothes as we turn the corner
on Labor Day ( even if the weather isn't playing along yet)
A great way to make fashion work for you is to pick the
 trends you like best, or that will work best for you and your
lifestyle and look for them in more transitional fabrics to
 work with the current weather.

Embrace GREENS- forest green, bottle green, emerald, olive and even teal. 
There is a shade of green this season for everyone to flatter her coloring.  


 Gray is the new neutral. Forget beige. Silvery gray, 
soft heather, deep charcoal- all are naturals to
complement basic black, white or colors





       Knits are really in.
 Cozy, comfy casuals ( think knit leggings and tops) 
                 as well as big statement knits
                  and lady-like suits and dresses

note-Gray is really popular for knits

Vests are back in a variety of styles-
 quilted, knits, leather, faux and real fur-
long and short and in-between lengths

The sixties are back big time in many ways-
mini skirts, ponchos, capes, wild global prints,
bold accents-


Designer collections fall 2014.

You may be thinking "I can't wear that ..." but you can. You can 
do a shorter skirt with dark tights. You can wear a bolder pattern- just adjust the length to where you are comfortable and play down your accessories. Both the cape and poncho look above are a modification. The Eileen Fisher on the left is a poncho-looking
 top- very easy to wear (and in the new neutral, gray). The other look incorporates a cape detail with-out being an actual cape.
 There are loads of adaptations to the trends out there to make
 them work in real life, off the runway.

Next up- More trends like footwear and accessories- stay posted:)