Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Year, New YOU

2014 is just days away. It seems like the perfect time to suggest health fitness and beauty tips.  We are not only getting older, we are getting better and smarter. I don't know anyone over 40 who wants to be 20 again. Yet while we embrace our confidence and experience, we are concerned about looking and feeling our best. So for those of you not ready to go under the knife, I've compiled, what I hope are, some helpful and practical tips.


GapFit gFast cotton foldover caprisWeight training is just as important as cardio as we get older. We lose muscle mass with age, which in turn causes a loss in strength. A regular routine that combines  a mix of cardio and weight/resistance training will maintain strength, posture and help you sleep better. Using your own body as resistance counts, too. Pilates, yoga, barre classes and TRX are all effective options besides weightlifting.

Exercising more or longer doesn't necessarily help you lose more weight. It's the intensity more than the duration that has the most impact  Adding intervals to your routine boosts your metabolism. Think walk  2 minutes (or one song) jog/run 2 minutes, or one song....

Do something you enjoy not something you think you have to do. You'll stick with it and not resent it. Mix it up. Do a work out with a friend. It's healthier to catch up with someone on a long walk than over lunch. Finding an activity you enjoy regularly beats giving up your nightly glass of wine :)    

Shopping tip- check out Gapfit workout wear for a great fitting, well- priced alternative to Lululemon
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Skincare is a concern as we age and selecting the right routine to fight aging is essential.

Top priorities are:

  • Softening lines and wrinkles - Diligent suncare is a must because older cells are more vulnerable to UV rays. Load on moisturizers using creams and washes with glycerin and ceramides. A vitamin A based retinol product speeds cell turn-over at night.
  • Minimizing sagging, boosting volume & moisturizing - Products with peptides increase collagen and repair skin. Hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient for plumping and hydrating. Cleansing oils help give back the moisture/oils older skin is no longer producing and adding serums to PM routines is an anti-aging  benefit.
And don't neglect your neck and decollette! Use your creams and moisturizers. The neck is often the first place to show aging, even when you have used sun protection. Neck exercises do work. Try repeating the 5 vowels in an exaggerated manner opening your mouth wide and stretching your neck in front of a mirror.  Also lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth and repeatedly jut your neck forward. Not so pretty but effective.

Beauty buy tip- Dermatologists and beauty editors alike are touting Cerave products - cleansers, moisturizers and body lotions-loaded with ceramides and hyaluronic acid that rival well- known cosmetic lines' products.  Also embraced by the specialists, Olay Professional Pro-X deep wrinkle treatment with retinol. It has it all going on - vitamin B3, peptides and vitamin A (retinol).  Both are available at CVS or Walgreens!  With a mineral sunscreen and a formula spiked with antioxidants, like vitamin C, alpha lipoic and astaxanthin, Perricone MD Photo Plasma with SPF 30 is getting  rave reviews. It makes skin radiant and younger looking while nourishing.
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Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and stylish New Year!