Monday, September 18, 2017

My Best and Worst Looks from the Emmys

 Nicole Kidman was totally my favorite look of the night and such a gracious
winner. Interesting trend toward ankle length, as well as the usual full length gowns.
Note the "red" and velvet trends.
First the dresses I think women I know could wear and might have an occasion
to actually wear them-


the 2nd hot color for Fall                   this is how more mature women do glam

Now the dresses that were amazing and glamorous and big wow's
even if most of us would never wear them-

 The Queen steps out of the box        Totally age appropriate for a 13 year old
  in regal style

metallic glitz                                     Feathers!

Priyanka Chopra at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards. Image from Getty Images.Wow!

And my not so favorites- not so flattering or their best looks-

    See All the Stars on the 2017 Emmys Red Carpet
Not a flattering bustline on Kristin    Reece has great legs but she should be rocking
                                                          a gown - It's the Emmys!

Rachel Bloom is amazing and I read she bought                so frumpy!
this Gucci dress herself because she couldn't get
a stylist to have it "given to her"to wear for the event.
But it isn't so flattering.

Not Heidi's best                        Jane Fonda as Barbie, even a ponytail!

This is the little sister from          love Debra Messing but hate
Modern Family ?!!! Too, too      this big , billowy, plastic-y
much everything.                        fabric dress

neither of these women are flattering their figures and I can only think of drapes
and Scarlett O'Hara
no title
Lovely dress but too much of it for   I don't even think this looks like
tiny Guiliana                                    Mandy Moore-I keep thinking of a tassel

What did you think?

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Under the Radar Beauty and Fashion

I have discovered some great sites that are changing
it up with clever innovations in beauty products and 
clothing that I think will appeal to you.

Third Love
Based on the premise that a bra should be comfortable and look beautiful while
enhancing your assets, Third Love has created a better bra. It's a bra you can try 
before you buy. It's a bra that comes in different styles for different breast shapes
 and it comes in half sizes because many women fall between standard cup sizes. 
The bras are designed using real women's measurements with attention to detail 
in the straps, hooks and underwires that make them super comfortable. Start with
 their "Fit- Finder" and check out the collection at Their basic
T-shirt bra is a good place to start.

 girlfriend collective
This brand started creating buzz for their innovative new leggings by offering them
free,for only the price of shipping. I got my first pair that way. They promised an 
exceptional fit, fair trade practices and each pair of leggings made from recycled
bottles- wow! They did not disappoint- super flattering and comfortable 
( only a little heavy for Florida in the summer) . The girlfriend collective is a com-
munity that is committed to quality design, "humane manufacturing, meticulous design
 and sustainable materials." Their story is pretty incredible and so is the product. The
 leggings are high and mid-rise, full length and capri, ranging from $58-68. There are 2
 bras styles at $38 and tees for $28. Read the whole story and see the collection at

Glossier grew out of a very cool beauty blog, It was 
created by a group of beauty editors who had tried most everything out
there and knew what worked and what didn't. Their philosophy is
 "skincare is essential and make-up is a choice". The products are 
straight-forward,easy to use and complement each other. My first discovery
was "browboy"- their #1 seller that has gotten a lot of hype. It is the easiest
brow groomer ever. I am also a fan of their concealer that nourishes as well as 
covers.  Check out their site for other cool products.

Beauty Counter began with the goal to create safer beauty products without
harmful chemicals that perform effectively. A huge list of ingredients are banned
and then selected ingredients are screened for side effects. 80% of the products are 
natural or plant-based. Cleaner products are formulated to enhance your daily regimen
based on your skin care concerns. I'm a fan of their Countermatch Adaptive Moisture
Lotion, which is designed to "naturally adapt to your skin's hydration needs, without
using silicone or synthetic polymers for smoother skin." Check out the skin care and 
make-up at  (Yes, my daughter is a consultant)
Cleansing Balm
First Aid Beauty
Products created with nourishing ingredients for all skin types, especially sensitive
skin and eczema. From everyday essentials to specially directed solutions, all the skin
care is designed to "provide immediate relief and lasting results" so you feel 
beautiful and confident in your own skin. Like BeautyCounter, every ingredient is
carefully reviewed for safety before it becomes part of a product. I like the Detox
Under Eye Roller. It relieves early morning puffiness with a cooling rollerball. It smooths
and brightens under my eyes. They have great products for radiance, exfolliating and 
deep cleaning. Available at Sephora or

Facial Radiance Pads Detox Eye Roller

I've been watching Everlane for awhile and was surprised to find so many of my friends
hadn't heard about it. It was started by a guy who felt there was a lack of responsibility
 and innovation in retail. His team built a clothing company based on "radical 
transparency"- encouraging the consumer to "know your factories, know your costs 
and to always ask why." From their classic 100% supima cotton classic tee made in LA
and priced at $16 ( and 6 other variations on a quality cotton tee) to sweaters, pants,
dresses, bags and more, including newly added jeans at $68. Excellent site for well-made,
well-priced classics including great shoes.

I think there's something for everyone here. So check out some of these sites and try
something new.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sharing some innovations for your feet and fun Fall 
trends to try-
Introducing the only insole for high heels that stops high heel pain.

Vivian Lou Insolia Couture weight-shifting insoles for high heels

"Designed by a podiatrist and engineered by a rocket scientist, Vivian Lou Insolia Classic and Couture weight-shifting insoles were created for every woman who wants to wear heels without pain.These weight-shifting insoles slightly rotate the heel bone up and back to allow a more even distribution of weight between the forefoot and heel. Extends high heel wear time 4x longer without pain."

Rothy's Pointy flats

"After many years living and style-watching in San Francisco and seeing flip-flops and sneakers everywhere and on everyone,the idea of Rothy's was born. The goal was to create an alternative, versatile shoe with the ease of a sneaker but with the polish of a feminine flat. And to do it with low-waste, low-impact materials, hand assembled for high quality and durability."

Black SolidRed Camo

Velvet Shoes
The trendiest look in shoes this season are those made in velvet and embellished.  You will find every style imaginable in velvet, from sneakers and mules to boots and platform sandals.
Actually velvet is hot in clothing and bags, also.
             2 from Rebecca Minkoff in the neutral blush hue

Bleecker Too Velvet Sneaker
                                                        Brooke Velvet Heel
Edit BootieFrayed Heel
Steve Madden boot                            Stuart Weitzman sandal

The return of the mule or slide
It appeared as a trend last Fall, persisted through the summer as an easy slip on and is back this season, notably as a loafer look but also as a heel. Works well for Florida when it's still too hot for a boot.
Gucci mule    
                                                                                 Loeffer Randall Mule
Main Image - Gucci Princetown Loafer Mule (Women)Main Image - Loeffler Randall Lulu Block Heel Mule (Women)
Vince Camuto mule                                                     Dolce Vita mule
Vince Camuto Sona Mule (Women)Dolce Vita Ledell Mule (Women)

Technically the difference between a mule and a slide is
that a mule has a closed toe and an open back and a slide also has an open back but a closed toe. I've shown mules because they seem more"fall-ish"