Monday, August 12, 2013

Get Ready for Fall

It's hard to believe summer is almost over, fashion-wise. Though we still have 90 degree weather and high humidity to match, the fall fashions are in the stores (and at our trunk shows). In Florida, we start by switching from shorts to capris or crops and going from tanks and sleeveless to adding back a short sleeve :) Change out your pastels for darker jewel tones and you're on the right path. White jeans have become a fashion staple and no longer have to be retired at Labor Day, just mix them up a bit adding a chambray or denim shirt, a darker hued cardigan or tunic top.

Before you rush out to buy your new Fall wardrobe, consider this - getting dressed is a much more enjoyable process when you have a neat, organized closet to select from everyday. A defined closet equals less stress. Yes, cleaning out your closet is an elaborate, time-consuming process, but will be major, time-saving happy results. It's a great way to start the new season and make room for your new clothes. I am available to come help you "edit" your wardrobe and give you the "tough love" you may need to part with some things. Or for those of you who like to DIY, I have some tips:
  • Don't try to tackle the entire closet at once. Do shoes one day, purses another, working your way through tops, bottoms, dresses. That way you won't find yourself at dinnertime with a huge mess all over your bedroom and a bed you can't unmake to go to sleep in because it's covered with "maybes".
  • Sort as you go through things into keepers, possible consignments, and unfortunately just trash.
  • Donations go in a box or bags - The Spring or LifePath Hospice are 2 great places 
  • Clothes to consign should be hung on hangers and be unwrinkled and without stains or tears. Most places in South Tampa only take current styles and clothes in season. Many like designer names, as well. You may have to be prepared to donate more, or store for the right season or just keep for a Halloween costume.
  • Keepers should be divided by season. Ideally you have another closet (a grown child's room, office, etc.) to keep out of season clothes. Current season should be categorized and colorized - sleeveless to jackets and white to black.
  • Wire hangers are for the cleaners, not your clothes at home. They are messy and make indentations.I LOVE the "huggable" thin hangers-great for your clothes and actually really allow you to fit more in your closet! You can get them at Costco, BB&B and Target.  
This should get you started to thinking about Fall and what you want to accomplish. 
You may have noticed I'm writing in green and purple-the two hot colors (and their variations) for the season.  More tips for Fall and Fashion and Fun coming soon. I'd love to hear what you think, leave a comment below!

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