Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Fashion Trends

It's Fashion Week in NY - 

With designers starting to showing their Spring 2014 collections, those of us in the real world are just barely embracing Fall 2013! So time to get a handle on the Fall trends and what works for you and me, and even though we don't attend the Met Galas or walk the Red Carpet, we do like to look our best.

As I researched this Fall's fashion trends, I found both similarities and differences in Vogue's, Rachel Zoe's, InStyle, and Neiman's must haves for the season. Let's start with the most popular and what will work for most of us

Green is definitely the hot new color this Fall- bottle green, forest green and emerald green. It is out there in jeans, sweaters, dresses, leathers and if you are shy- try a bag or shoes to incorporate into your wardrobe.  Right behind GREEN are the BERRIES and Cobalt BLUE. Did you hang onto any eggplant or cranberry pieces from a few years ago? Pull them out! They'll pair well with black and denim and your neutrals.
Equipment Signature Blue Washed Silk Shirt Profile Photo
Two trends persist from past seasons and are very visible this Fall- ANIMAL PRINTS and COLOR BLOCKING.  Good  news for most of us who picked up pieces in these styles last year. Personally, I am getting a little tired of the animal print thing (send them to the zoo) but you can make it fresh by trying leopard prints in blues, purples and pinks besides the usual browns. Use these prints to accessorize in shoes, belts, scarves and bags. Color blocking pops up in coats and jackets now, in addition to the dresses, tops and pants we've seen it in before. And it can be very slenderizing when done on the sides of a garment- so embrace it!

Cole Haan 'Chelsea' PumpPink Tartan Colorblocked Panel Crewneck Tee

Here's a new trend you can have fun with- fancy sweatshirts! "Luxe" sweatshirts are a great new look with jeans. These new " Statement Sweatshirts" are not of the heather grey variety, but new fabrications, like jersey, satin, faux fur sporting designer icons and embellishments. Check out selections everywhere from Target to JCrew to Neiman. A little more structured fit but with an athletic vibe.
Still to come- Moto jackets, everything leather, over-the knee boots, statement outerwear, menswear patterns and more.

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