Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tips to Shaving off a Few Years

 Go Lighter

When it comes to your hair, the general rule of thumb in terms of looking younger:is go lighter instead of darker. The darker your hair, the harsher it will look against your skin. It can accentuate wrinkles and lines, especially anywhere near your face line or eye area, since this area always becomes a focal point with any hair color or cut. Going lighter can soften your face and make it appear more youthful. But - no more than two shades lighter than your natural hair color to keep things looking natural.

Go Warmer

Top  stylists recommend getting warm highlights around your face or a warmer base to promote a younger appearance. Choose honey or golden tones to complement your complexion and soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Watch Your Roots

 Keep an eye on your roots. Once the grays start showing, it will definitely age you and [draw attention away] from the great color you once had. Schedule regular color appointments for touch ups. To
DIY in between Salon visits try- Rita Hazan Concealer Touch-Up Spray (Sephora $25)-it's a little pricey,but it lasts forever and I swear it works- or LOreal Paris' Root Rescue(Drug stores $8)

Root RescueRita Hazan Root Concealer For Gray Coverage Red 2 oz

Loosen Up

Hair that is tightly pulled back draws attention to all the lines on your face. Bangs can soften your look and make you look younger-keep them a bit longer and thicker. I say "bangs are cheaper than botox for hiding the lines on your forehead!"
Wavy Bob - Halle Berry

 Get Radiant
When it comes to your skin- luminosity and dewiness signify youth. Try using a creamy
 foundation,primer or highlighter with radiance.There are many options from drug store
 brands to department store options. Remember you are going for glowing not oliy :)
Revlon Age Defying Makeup with Botafirm SPF 15 Dry Skin 37ml/1.25oz -  Revlon's Age- Defying Makeup with Botafirm or Shiseido's Radiant Lifting Foundation or All Day Brightener,and
 LANCOME's Hydra Base Glow  and Clarin's Radiance Boosting
Complex are great additions to your routine
La Base Pro Hydra GlowAll Day BrightenerAnastasia Beverly Hills
 Soften your Brows
 Arches that are too high and dramatic can look too severe as we get older.
 Softening the arch and using a brow pencil that is slightly lighter than your
 hair color to fill in your brows is more subtle and natural. Treat yourself to
 an Anastasia Brow Shaping at Nordstrom or checkout their brow products at
Nordstrom or Sephora         

 Choose Brown over Black
Try switching to brown instead of black  when it comes to your eye make-up. Black can
make your eyes look smaller.Plums are another option - pretty for most eye colors and
warmer than the severe black for liners and mascara.

The more hydrated your skin is,the younger it looks. Stick with a morning and evening
routine. Do a weekly mask, exfoliate several times a week- a scrub or clarisonic work
 to ensure your moisture is being well absorbed. Creams,liquids and gels are better
choices than powder for your everyday make-up.
I know you know this,but are you doing it consistently?Always wear sunscreen
and drink lots of water to protect your skin.

Get your Beauty Rest
Getting a good nights sleep gives your skin some downtime to repair itself 
and the products time to work. To further save your face,sleep on your back or on
a satin pillowcase to avoid sleep wrinkles.Elevating  your head can help the 
appearance of puffy eyes in the am. Good reasons to sleep in!

Some things get better with age- like wine and cheese and George Clooney,
unfortunately our hair and skin don't follow that formula. So use these tips to
work their magic to make you look as young as you feel.

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