Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fashion News and Beauty Bites

Hooray for Baby Boomers!

There seems to be a new trend to use iconic older
women in fashion campaigns.Lauren Hutton and
 Whoppee Goldberg have both done ads for Gap. Last year, 
Joni Mitchell was featured in Saint Laurent ads and author
 Joan Didion posed for Celine. Now we will see Cher
 ( at 69 years old)
in Marc Jacobs Fall campaign. How refreshing to see beautiful, mature, accomplished women still valued at this point in their
lives in the fashion industry!

Here's an interesting bit of news for those of you who struggle
with wanting to be both comfortable and fashionable in your shoes-

Imagine a shoe that adapts to you. Comfortable enough to get you through your busy day and so fashionable that you look and feel great regardless of what you are doing! This is the TANYA HEATH Paris. They  have created the world’s first multi-height shoe with removable heels so you will never have to suffer to be beautiful. 
TANYA HEATH Paris features 3 collections that reflect the different needs in our lives. The Power collection is designed to make you look great at work, but these shoes will take you far beyond the office. The Liberty collection has been designed for a weekend getaway or casual chic moments about town. The Seduction collection is for special occasions or a night out, when you don’t want to be held back by pain.
The heels set off the shoes and they have hundreds of heels to choose from. The heels come in several different heights, colors, styles and finishes and embody the latest fashion trends and allow you to create endless combinations that take you from one place to another.
Check them out at www.tanyaheath.comAstrid interchangeable heel changeable heel

Shopping Prints
This summer season is full of bright colors and wild, wonderful prints. This is a great time to try something fun, more bold and a little out of your box. However, if you are more of a classic kind of fashionista you can stick with the prints that never go out of style!
Stripes, polka dots, animal prints, plaids and batiks are around to stay and there's always a variation of any of those prints that will work with your own personal style.
Michael Michael Kors Giraffe Print Dress, $179; farfetch.com
Stella McCartney Crew Neck Jumper, $1,140; stellamccartney.com
Zara Leather Print Wedges, $120; zara.com
Rag & Bone Saunders Leopard-Print Shirt, $395; net-a-porter.com
Miu Miu Bandoliera Leopard-Print Calf hair Shoulder Bag, $1,700; net-a-porter.com
Topshop Collide High Leg Snake Boots, $280; topshop.com
Miu Miu Checked Wool-Tweed Waist Belt, $305; net-a-porter.com
Rachel Comey Vidal Plaid-Check Print Top, $335; matchesfashion.com
H&M Long Shirt, $30; hm.com
Alice & You Tarten Midi Dress, $21; dorothyperkins.com
Michael Kors Plaid Wrap-Style Shirt, $807; farfetch.com
Sacai Plaid Pleated Skirt, $950; farfetch.com

Add These Morning Habits to Your Routine

*Drink a large glass of water
Your skin looks better when it is hydrated ( and you feel better,too)
After a night's sleep your body needs fluids and good old fashioned water is the best thing to start your day - it helps maintain fresh breath and aids in digestion,too.

*Use an antioxidant
Start with an antioxidant serum or cream on your face to protect it from free radicals ( UV rays, pollution,etc) that cause aging. Something with Vitamins C and E before your make up helps protect your skin and helps your sunscreen work better.
(There are many products to choose from at Sephora.com)
Which is the perfect segway to the next habit-

*Use sunscreen religiously
You know by now you need sun protection daily ( especially those of us in the sunshine state) even on cloudy days. The SPF in your make up probably isn't enough for all day protection.
 Double up with a moisturizer with an SPF and primer or BB or CC cream or foundation with SPF as well.There are tinted sunscreens for faces, too. And don't forget your hands which are just as exposed to aging UV rays and will show your age in spots if not protected.
Homemade Yogurt
*Eat Protein
Studies have shown that eating a high protein breakfast will keep you fuller longer. Eggs or Greek yogurt are a better choice to start your day than a bagel, Ezekiel bread or cereal.

*Exercise Early
The beauty benefits of sleep are real for your skin and for your sanity.
Other studies have shown that when you exercise in the morning you sleep better at night. Better sleep= better skin and a less stressed start to the day.

*Get a Caffeine Boost
Green Tea is the best way to get your caffeine boost- packed with flavonoids ( a type of antioxidant which have been shown to slow aging and linked to a reduced risk of certain cancers). But if you can't give up your morning coffee (me neither!),no worries. Coffee also contains antioxidants and has been shown to speed up metabolism. ( Nice for menopausal an post menopausal women:

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