Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring/Summer Beauty Trends

Now that we've covered many of this season's fashion trends,
let's take a look at hair and make-up for Spring and Summer
                              What's in- loose, undone looks
                                               brushed-out waves
                                              shorter hair and LOBs (long bobs)
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Brushed-Out Beach Wave                          heavier bangs, low ponytails
                 buns at the nape of the neck
 What's out- long hair, extensions
                   perfect curls, structured styles
                   topnots,  high ponytails
                   sleek and straightened
Go for "touchable texture," loose & natural
 Use your flatiron to create "bends" in your hair,
                                          not straightening it flat
                    Try "less is more" for a change
                It really makes sense for summer!
                                                            Chrissy Teigen Hair 

   Plum is pretty on your eyes and your lips this season.
 A very strong black eye liner ringing the eye and thicker
on the top lid- was a look in many runway shows.
 ( I know I just told you brown was softer, and it is, but this is the trend report) Bright coral-reds and orangey-red lips look fresh right now. MAC has 5 new shades of red coming out for Spring. Fresh, well- moisturized, glowing skin is the look you want right now. Flushed, fresh- from-the- gym and natural works with the undone hair. Don't buy any airbrushed or matte foundation. Make an appointment with your facialist instead.
 And think of the time you'll save doing your face!
Again, the models' faces were minimally made-up and hair was cool and casual with a centre part. The low ponytail style was slick at the front and teased up at the back, nodding to the 70s.
All was au naturel at the Dennis Basso show save for some intense liner, applied all around the rims of models' eyes. Makeup artist Jamie Greenberg used Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner so for £6 you can steal the style right off the runway.
         Honey skin, tawny eyes and ruby red lips were the lust-worthy looks created by Burberry Makeup Artistic Consultant Wendy Rowe. Proving the classic lip look is far from dated, we're all shopping Burb's Lip Cover in Ruby No.18 for a power pout ourselves. Jourdan Dunn, here we come.


Both classic brights and nudes are in style,but with a new
twist.The brights are like the crayon colors you loved as a kid
but bolder than ever. Corals are the counterpart to the wines
 and browns you wear in winter. Pretty candy colored pastels are always a warm weather go-to. This year many polishes are creamier and less sheer and really "nail" the look. Opaque glitters and iridescent shines may appeal to the more adventurous. The colors
seem to change in every light as you turn your hand. Neutrals
 are no longer only beiges but translucent shades of mint green, violet and rose.

There's a little something for everyone to here. So get out of your box a little and give something new a try!

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