Saturday, September 12, 2015

Aging Gracefully

Beauty Bytes

Besides the middle-age or menopausal  middle, ( see Barbie above)
our necks can give away our age.
Before you opt for a face-lift, consider one of these highly-rated neck
 creams ( and use on your decollete,also)
Freeze 24/7 Arcticlift Firming Neck Cream, 1.7 Ounce
I love Tarte's Maracuja Oil Face Lotion. It's great if you are really dry for hydration
and it gives a nice glow, so their neck cream would definitely be worth a try. $49
Freeze 24/7 promises to lift and firm with visible results almost immediately. $29


It's nice to see a drugstore brand make the list. L'Oreal's Revitalift for both
face and neck.It uses pro-retinol A to improve elasticity on the neck and jaw. $10
Perricone products are both popular and highly rated. This cream sculpts the
 sagging  skin on the neck and chin.$85

The #1 ranked neck cream is Stri-Vectin-TL.
I actually picked it up at Nordstrom Rack at a nicely discounted price.
I am pretty impressed with the results so far and recommend it.
$89 or $49 at the Rack
There's a Right Way to Wash Your Face

Do you wash your hands before you wash your face?  That's the first step to
healthy, beautiful skin.You must wash every night whether you wear make up
or not for your beauty products to hydrate effectively.I think it goes without
saying, removing your make up is a must before bed  .Oil based removers work
best with your long wearing mascara and foundation and soap free formulas are best
for all skin types.Use a circular motion with your cleansing product and cool
or lukewarm water. After a workout, a splash of cold water will reduce redness.

A powered cleansing tool, like a Clarisonic, can do a better job of cleaning your
face than your hands or a washcloth. It helps tighten pores and cell turnover. However,
you need to make sure to keep it clean and dry and not use it more than 2-3 times
a week or it can be irritating. Finally, pat dry your skin, don't rub it dry, with a clean
towel. Then MOISTURIZE!

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