Friday, August 28, 2015


I know Fall feels like a long way away, it's still so darn hot,
Rhea Small Zip Backpack, Merlot
 but the kids are back in school, Labor Day is coming and the clothes are in the stores. I have some suggestions on what you 
can buy and use now to transition from Summer to Fall trends.

A New Bag

Popular new shapes are the saddle bag and
lady-like bags with top handles.
 The bucket bag is still strong  and totes and hobos will always be carried
( because they are practical and comfortable).Backpacks are having a moment
again also. Everything from our youth is new again :)                  



from top, left to right-Michael Kors' Rhea backpack in merlot, Rebecca Minkoff's
Astor Saddlebag, Tory Birch's Robinson, Michael Kors' Lexi, Chloe's
 Drew Saddlebag and Marc by Marc Jacobs Luna Bucket
 most from Neiman Marcus


Still going strong into Fall and one of the many "throw-back" trends, jumpsuits
can be both flattering to most figures and versatile. Styles range from casual to
formal. Wear alone now and layer a long sleeve tee or blouse under or  wear a cardigan
 or blazer later.

Eva Batik-Print Sleeveless JumpsuitNMF16_TA2ZW

top right and clockwise- Diane VonFurstenberg, Nicole Miller, Soft Joie, Haute Hippie

Chunky Heels

I'm not saying stilettos are out, I'm saying hurray for a comfortable and stylish option.
When you see some of the options out there, you'll see chunky can be sexy,too. These
are some options to kick it up a notch right now.

    Splendid Official Store, Jayla Sandal, black, Womens : Shoe Shop, SAL10090                 NMF16_X2SAW                                                                    Splendid                                                 Vince  
Gayle ShootieVia Spiga Amya High Heels 
     Banana Republic                        Via Spiga

I recently picked up some tips to make your shoes more comfortable, because no
matter how comfortable they are, no heels are really comfortable after 8 hours.
If you love a shoe and have to choose between a bit tight and a bit loose, go for
1/2 size up.Counting on them stretching can lead to disappointment and you can always
pad them up to take up some room. Rotating shoe styles is easier on your feet. Pointy
toes  look amazing but are tough on your toes. Mix in some round and open toes shoes
and vary the heights often. Kitten heels- back in style- can be very sexy and easier on
your feet,too. Stylist Marissa Webb recommends using cotton balls to stuff the toes of
shoes that don't fit quite right until you get your foot comfortable in the shoe. They even
keep the back of the foot from slipping.

My earlier suggestions to try something with animal print,
 fringe flared jeans and shades of red all can be part of incorporating Fall's trends into your Indian Summer
 wardrobe now.
High-Rise Bell Canyon Jeans

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