Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fun Fashion and Beauty News

In addition to launching new specialty stores around
 the country, Spanx announced this week that they are
 adding jeans to their collection of magically slimming
 products. The jeans will come in two styles- the "Signature" with a high waist,
wide waistbandand side zipper ( meant to be worn with a shirt tucked out) and
 "Slim-X", a five-pocket jean with a mid-rise. Spanx promises the jeans' patent-
pending "hidden shaping feature creates a perky rear" and have an all around
flattering fit.
The jeans will be available next month only in Spanx stores and on to start.
Skinny, straight and bootleg styles are priced from $148. ( in line with other top denim
brands). They aren't the first to do slimming jeans. Not Your Daughter's Jeans. Levis and
J Brand's Photofinish styles have offered good versions of figure -flattering jeans.
The word among those in the know is that the Spanx styles look good and if they
can suck you in like their undergarments do ( with minimal discomfort to look slender)
then they will surely draw fans.

The Jumpsuit is for everyone- it's the new maxidress!
The  jumpsuit made a statement in the 1960's and 1980's and has been featured
 frequently in Runway shows throughout the years. This year the jumpsuit has
 become a "must have" for day and evening.
They make a whole outfit in one piece, giving them an effortless quality- both in getting
dressed and in creating a look. Long, flowy, dressy fabrics and metallics work well for
cocktail and formal events, while florals, stripes and denim in full or knee- length are
fun for day. Many different styles are available to flatter various figures and age groups.
 There are great looks and price points from H&M and Zara to all the top designers.
The only trick is having plenty of time for the ladies room :)


OILS are  the new body bronzers and self- tanners
Lightweight, lightly tinted bronzing oils will give you that glistening sun-kissed effect
immediately, more easily and evenly than the self tanners of the past. You can skip
the moisturizing step ( though regularly exfoliating/using a body scrub is still recom-
mended for soft, glowing skin) because these oil-based formulas are so hydrating.
I understand the color is longer lasting also.The MAC Bronzing Oil works best for
medium skin tones. Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil from the Body Shop is
good for lighter/fair skin types. Darker olive and dark skin complexions should
try Too Faced Royal Coconut Oil Body Bronzer. Another choice for all skin
types is Clarins Golden Glow Booster, where you use the enclosed dropper to
Maracuja Bronzing Serummix with your own body lotion or moisturizer for custom color.
Tarte's Marcuja Bronzing Serum is getting a lot of buzz
 because this Vitamin C formula firms, hydrates and brightens
 skin while providing a sunny glow.It's even infused with
 bergamot,gardenia, lily of the valley and jasmine,
At Sephora, $47.


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