Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Closet Cleaning

Technically Spring has arrived- March 20th,
and while Northerners may have a few more chilly
days ahead, Southerners are fast approaching
Summer! It's time to take a look in your closet and 
take a hard look a Winter before moving in Spring
Lets start with lingerie. Check out your panties. Are some pairs stretched out,
uncomfortable, discolored or from another decade? Toss 'em and treat yourself to
 some new ones. It's not a huge investment and cute and/or sexy panties will make
you feel good. Same theory for bras- itchy, uncomfortable, stretched out, no longer
lifting like it used to? Go get fit for something new that will lift, separate, eliminate
the side boob and make your clothes fit and look better. I recommend the lingerie
dept at Nordstrom where the ladies are trained to fit you properly. Another little bit
of advice- don't buy more than 2 new bras at once - even if you love the new style.
 Best to test drive them a bit before you go bananas and fill your drawer. While we
 are on bras, I'd like to suggest everyone have a couple good everyday T-shirt bras,
 a pretty, flirty, sexy bra, a supportive strapless, a halter and/or T-back style, and
several athletic bras in their wardrobe.
Natori, Cosabella and Perele all at Neiman Marcus

Alterations required
If you didn't wear something all last season because it needed tailoring -too long, didn't
 fit right,etc ask yourself if you love it enough to take it to your tailor before putting it
 away for next year. If it doesn't "bring you joy" maybe you should let it go instead of
putting it away until next year and get something new . Same holds true for your Spring
clothes. As you bring back your Spring clothes to your closet, ask yourself if it still fits,
is it classic or still on trend vs dated and not flattering?
Make a pile to take to the tailor to alter or update and another to donate or consign.

Check for Stains
We've all had favorite things we loved and held onto even though they had a little stain
 ( or maybe even a tear- see above- alter), but the time has come to let go because you
are really not going to wear it out with the evidence of old make-up, a dribble of wine or
red sauce. Look at as an opportunity to get some great new things  :)

Cold Weather Clothing
It was a warmer than usual winter everywhere this year making it harder to judge what
to keep and what to purge based on what you really wore this past season. As you
 move these clothes to make room for Spring, take a hard look at what you didn't reach
 for once this winter- a sweater, pair of pants,etc. Was it the unseasonably warm weather
 or do some things just not work anymore? I find after each winter, I eliminate a few more
sweaters from my closet that are wool that I never seem to go to anymore or even cottons
that have lost their shape. Southern gals- weed out those wool pants- bet you're not wear-
ing them and they're just taking upvaluable real estate in your closet.

We all love shoes. If you're having a bad day, feeling a little bloated but wanting to
 shop, you can always find a great new pair of shoes. Shoes are the perfect accessory
to update your wardrobe every season. Yet, we all have shoes that hurt our feet every
time we wear them.While we may have sacrificed comfort for fashion when we were
younger, the blisters aren't worth it when you're more mature. If you are lucky enough
to have space to store the shoes you love but rarely wear, put them up on the
shelf and mark the box so you know where to find them. Athletic shoes need to be
replaced regularly ( even though they still may look good- donate them). Classic pumps
may be worth resoling and polishing by your neighborhood shoemaker. Favorites that
are scuffed beyond repair have got to be retired. Trendy styles you bought on a whim
and never wore need to be donated or consigned. Be honest with yourself. There's
probably a limited number of pairs you wear most the time, more that you wear only
occasionally and even a greater number that you hardly wear at all. Purging gives you
more room for those cute new espadrilles or mules that are back in style. 
Hangers and Hanging

You won't believe the difference the right hanger makes, both in taking proper care of
your clothes and giving you more closet space. When I do someone's closet, I bring
and recommend the velvet hangers. Costco is the best place to get them, but Home
Goods, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond have them, too. I even did my granddaughters'
closets with them. They have them for both infants and children.  
    Ultra Thin No Slip Velvet Suit Hangers (Pack of 25)           Real Simple® Slimline 50-Count Flocked Suit Hangers in Black
Knits should be folded not hung if you have the space. That includes sweaters, knit
dresses, skirts and pants. If you have more hanging than shelf or drawer space, fold
them over the hanger instead of hanging from the shoulder or waistband. St John
wearers- this means you! Knits will "grow" on you if you don't take care of them.

Don't keep your leathers and suedes in cleaning bags. They need to breathe. In fact,
most clothes shouldn't be kept in cleaning bags. Certain fabrics absorb the chemicals
in the plastic.

Invest in boot shapers or boot trees when you move them to the back of the closet
until next year. It will keep them from creasing and bagging. A variety of selections
are available at The Container Store, Amazon, Zappos and Walmart.
Simplify Velvet Boot Shapers, 2-PackQuilted Boot Shapers
Don't want to run out and shop for boot shapers?  Roll up old magazines and stuff
them in your boots.

Hope these tips get you started in turning over your closet and caring for your
clothes. Purging and organizing are good things, both for practical reasons  and
for your sense of well-being. And there are so many cute new things for Spring
 and Summer to make room for!

I am showing the Spring and Summer Etcetera collection for the last time
the first week in April. It's an amazing group - with something for everyone!                     call or email :)

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